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A Very Different Kind of School

Focus Academy is a school dedicated to transforming  individuals with executive functioning challenges, in grades 3 through college, into productive and happy adults. The program accommodates individuals with a diagnosis such as Gifted and Talented, ADHD, Aspergers, Anxiety and similar challenges. All of our graduates are currently attending Universities, Junior Colleges, Trade schools or working at the career of their choice. We do not believe in letting students "graduate to the couch" and commit to working for a successful transition for all of our students.


2018-19 Enrollment


Academically Challenging

Traditional education programs often create gaps in various academic subjects. A comprehensive academic assessment can identify specific proficiencies and gaps. These academic gaps can then be filled through a customized curriculum. No student should be "passed through" without mastery of a subject just because the rest of the class is ready to move forward. We believe students should also be challenged to investigate future career opportunities through a vast array of electives. 

Socially Beneficial

Even after learning basic social skills, many adolescents have difficulty developing and maintaining relationships. The foundation for relationship skills is built by hands-on learning of social understanding skills and by practicing interactions in real-life situations. Our students work together and enter competitions such as the Renaissance Festivals Trebuchet completion or various chess tournaments in and around the Houston metroplex.

Preparation for Life

After completing high school, many individuals still lack the confidence and capability to live independently. Our goal is for students to demonstrate advanced life skills prior to high school graduation and to continually expand parent and student expectations for a truly independent adult life. It is surprising to many that an individual can make excellent grades in school yet have tremendous difficulty transitioning to an independent living situation.