Focus Academy Houston Services

Full Time Academy 5th - 12th grade

Unfortunately, current educational realities reveal that the possession of a high school diploma does not insure one’s readiness for the rigors of college. The great news is, however, that students using our college preparatory training courses have been successful in their studies.  Let us help you prepare for college by aiding you in the development of the skills you may not have received in high school. 

With Focus Academy you’ll receive:

Personalized Curriculum

Self-paced coursework

Personal Tutoring

Specialized Support Team for Each Student

Weekly Phone/Email Communication

Parental Support and Training

Social Skills Classes as part of curriculum

Study Skills as part of curriculum

SAT/ACT Preparation & Practice

College Planning, Selection, Application & Enrollment

Scholarship Assistance

After School Social Understanding Classes

Through specialized classes, led by trained "social coaches," students are taught specific strategies, problem-solving techniques and social solutions to help them navigate more effectively through a complex social world. Classes focus on social "understanding" and life preparation skills through step-by-step instruction, role-playing, hands-on practice and interactive community outings. Classes are grouped according to age/grade and level of need and are limited to 4-6 students. Students of any age may also be seen individually if they are not yet ready for group classes. Fall semester classes run from late August through early November - excluding Labor Day. Spring semester classes run from late January through April - excluding holidays and spring break.

Adult Transition Services - iGoal - Inspiring Growth, Opportunity and Life independence

FOCUS Initiative has created a program especially for adults with Asperger’s, PDD-NOS, ADHD, and other social-cognitive deficits called Inspiring Growth, Opportunity, and Life independence (iGoal). iGoal was developed to assist clients towards a more independent life with personalized programs that fit each individual’s particular challenges. In the iGoal program each client is given the one-on-one life and social mentoring and training that can bring them closer towards the goal of the fuller and more independent life that they deserve. Even if full independence is not possible, every client has the opportunity towards developing a fuller and richer life as they grow in their overall life and social understanding, while also often providing a significant reduction in the amount of care-giving required by their family members and an improved quality-of-life for all involved.

Through assessments, mentoring and individualized programs, a few of the skills iGoal can address include:

  • Social understanding skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Academic support (for college/university)
  • Practical life skills training
  • Budgeting skills
  • Appropriate social behavior in a variety of settings
  • Personal hygiene
  • Life skills understanding
  • Employment skills
  • Appropriate speech & dress
  • Job application and interview skills
  • Appropriate on-the-job behavior
Focus Academy Tae Kwon Do
Learning to Play Hold'em
A very different kind of classroom
Making a Table in iGoal
Working together as a team!