The Vision, Mission, and Core Values of Houston Focus Academy


We believe quirky individuals (including those with Anxiety, ADHD, and Aspergers) deserve lifelong independence with positive social interactions.


Focus Academy empowers quirky youth and young adults to become successful, contributing, independent members of society. This is done through academic, life and social education, vocational training and family support.  Quirky includes individuals with diagnoses of high-functioning autism, anxiety, depression or gifted and talented.


- Honesty with compassion – truthfulness while having empathy for people, and accepting them for who they are

- Collaborative system – multiple parties engaged in a shared focus to achieve the maximum potential

- Divergent thinking - thinking that moves away in different directions so as to involve a variety of aspects and which sometimes lead to novel ideas and solutions; associated with creativity

- Customized programming – individualized plans and strategies determined by the school based on the needs of the student

- Transparency - free from pretense or deceit

The place for quirky kid - and parents too :)

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A Very Different Kind of Place

At Focus Academy we provide a full time Academy for Junior High and High School and Summer Camps to include any student completing grades 3rd - 12th. Our academy is a full time school dedicated to transforming  individuals with executive functioning challenges (ADHD, Aspergers, Anxiety, Gifted and Talented), in grades 5* through college, into productive and happy adults. Since our first graduate in 2011, our graduates have been attending Universities, Junior Colleges, Trade schools or employed in their chosen field. We do not believe in letting students "graduate to the couch" and commit to working for a successful transition for all of our students.  Through our Summer Camps, the organization reaches students in public and homeschool settings while continuing programs for our academy students. 

*Students are accepted to Focus Academy based on the results of their trial day initial assessment. We occasionally accept students in 3rd and 4th grade if they are a good fit for our program.


Focus Academy is a tax exempt 501c3 organization.

Donations are deductible under Section 170 of the Tax Code

Rolling enrollment for the 2022-23
School Year

Are you ready for your child  to get ahead or catch up on learning while also getting truly prepared for life?
Are you ready for your child to have real interactions and make true friends? 
Do you want you child to gain self-confidence and  begin to believe in themselves ?
If so, Focus Academy may be your answer! 

Focus Academy Anti-Bully Video
(100%  student-made)


I just want to say what a stellar job you guys did with camp this week. I can’t imagine how challenging it must be to keep kids engaged for that long without that “in person” element but both (of my) kids loved the activities and interaction. It especially meant a lot to (my daughter) who has not had much peer interaction at all since we moved from our old house. Her class only did a few zooms anyway and I did have her in a few Outschool classes but they ended as we moved. She had so much fun and was so into it this week.
I think (my son) was reluctant to share his school space the first day with his sister  but once I gave them their own computers for the social part and told them to act like they were classmates and not brother and sister it went much better.  (My son) wandered some but that is to be expected with him and he was easily redirected and for the most part willingly did the steps asked.
Thank you guys for a wonderful week of safe summer fun and being able to interact with other kids. I really appreciate it and we look forward to next week. 
~KP 2020

I have no words for the beauty that takes place every day at Focus Academy. My son hasn't even been there for a year and already his life has changed. Because I have a masters in education, I have a keen eye for quality education which prepares students for the real world while helping them reach their full potential. This school definitely hits all the marks. John's teacher is what I consider a "master teacher." The staff works together to create a safe family environment which encourages students to step out of their comfort zones. If you are a parent of a child on the spectrum, make an appointment with Focus today. This school will be the biggest gift you give to your child.

~TG 2018

Focus Academy has changed the trajectory of our son’s life. When he started at Focus four years ago, he was so anxious that he wouldn’t even go into the building. We spent days sitting in the parking lot before he could work up the courage to go in. More days before he’d enter the classroom. The Focus staff worked with him, patiently encouraging him until he could work in the classroom with other students. That was the first of many successes. He is now 17, much more confident, in a leadership position at the school, and has an after school job. I say that Focus has changed his life, but really it has changed the life of our whole family. It has given him a place to belong and succeed.

~NB 2017

As a parent, I can’t think of anything more important than finding the right learning environment for your child, especially when your child is dealing with learning and behavioral differences. For our son, Focus Academy has been a safe haven of support and a very positive and encouraging learning environment in Houston. The approach and attitude of the teachers, therapists, and leadership toward my son has made a significant difference in his ability to learn and develop. Experience has taught me that the right school environment may change as the child changes, so I support various school decisions that work for each child and family. After some bad experiences at other schools, we are pleased that Focus Academy is available and that its computer-based curriculum, though challenging, works well for our son. As a result of the progress he is making, we have raised our expectations of his academic capabilities. 

~KW 2016

Academy Grades 5-12

Traditional education programs often create gaps in learning. These academic gaps can  be filled through a customized curriculum. No student should be "passed through" without mastery of a subject just because the rest of the class is ready to move forward. We believe students should also be challenged...

Summer Social  Camps

Even after learning basic social skills, many adolescents have difficulty generalizing these skills in order to develop and maintain relationships. Our goal is to work towards true social understanding rather than just teaching basic skills... 

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