Full Time Academy Grades 5-12

Traditional education programs often create gaps in learning. These academic gaps can  be filled through a customized curriculum. No student should be "passed through" without mastery of a subject just because the rest of the class is ready to move forward. We believe students should also be challenged to investigate future career opportunities through a vast array of electives. The foundation for relationship skills is built by hands-on learning of social understanding skills and by practicing interactions in real-life situations. Our students work together and enter competitions such as the Renaissance Festival Trebuchet completion or various chess tournaments in and around the Houston metroplex.

Focus Academy is a different kind of school.

  • Rather than just trying to get students through high school, we follow a philosophy of preparing the student for college and life.  
  • Our school is all about customization to the students' needs through accelerated programs and development of character and self-discipline.
  • We have proven that students can learn better and faster if given appropriate tools and surrounded by supportive grown ups.
  • We have proven that students who learn these tools and follow our program can complete middle school in half the time, complete high school early, and even earn significant college credits before they graduate high school.

Improving the Status Quo

  • We want to develop the next generation students who are equipped not only for higher education, but a generation that has the character, independence, self-reliance, and motivation to improve upon the status quo
  • We want to stop raising children and start raising adults… who will take leadership at an early age.
  • We want to find people who do not want to settle for mediocrity for their children just because they have different needs.  Our parents are willing to move forward and to do something about it. 

With Focus Academy you’ll receive:

  1. Personalized Curriculum
  2. Self-paced coursework
  3. Personal Tutoring
  4. Specialized Support Team for Each Student
  5. Weekly Phone/In-person/email communication
  6. Parental Support and Training
  7. Social Skills Classes as part of curriculum
  8. Study Skills as part of curriculum
  9. SAT/ACT Preparation & Practice
  10. College Planning, Selection, Application & Enrollment
  11. Scholarship Application Assistance