Ten New Years Tips for College Students

Posted by Connitha Tyrer on January 8, 2015 at 3:30 PM

1. Set goals. It’s difficult to arrive at a final destination when you’re unsure of what it is and what it takes to achieve.

2. Use a schedule/planner. It’s easy to forget assignment due dates, test days, and other important information when it’s not written down. Use your phone, computer or a plain old-fasioned planner.

3. Know your learning style. Develop strategies for overcoming learning challenges (i.e. record the lecture, take a photo of the board)

4. Be an active reader. You’ll better retain information from the textbook if you try to take notes or explain the information to someone else when reading.

5. Participate in study groups. Organize study groups with other classmates. It’s easier to remember concepts taught to others, and group members often share insights you never consider.

6. Take notes. Take organized notes. If it’s useful, develop outlines, highlight key information, or utilize other methods to organize lecture notes.

7. Organize your study materials. Organize notes, assigned readings, and other study materials, so it can be easily retrieved while studying.

8. Draft papers. Always write a rough draft when preparing an essay. Take time to review it for errors and ask a friend or family member to read it and offer advice.

9. Slow down on tests. It’s common to misunderstand questions or skip key information when nervous. Take time to thoroughly read test questions.

10. Don’t replace protein with caffeine. Before a test, refrain from simply consuming additional caffeine. Instead, eat foods high in complex carbohydrates and protein.

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