Ten Rules for Coping with Anxiety

Posted by Connitha Tyrer on January 26, 2017 at 10:10 PM

Since we deal with quirky (different and unique in a good way) kids, they have many challenges with Anxitey.

Here are Ten Rules for Coping with Anxiety 

1. Remember, feelings of anxiety are just exaggerations of normal bodily stress reactions.

2. Sensations are neither harmful nor dangerous - just unpleasant. Nothing worse will happen.

3. Stop adding to the panic with frightening thoughts of where anxiety will lead.

4. Stay in the present. Be aware of what is happening to you rather than concern yourself with how much worse it might get.

5. Wait and give the fear time to pass.

6. Notice that when you stop adding to panic with frightening thoughts, the fear begins to fade.

7. Focus on coping with facing the fear rather than trying to avoid it or escape from it.

8. Look around you. Plan what you will do next as the panic subsides.

9. Think about the progress made so far, despite all the difficulties.

10. When you are ready to go on, do so in an easy, relaxed manner. There is no hurry.

Remember - each time you cope with anxiety, 
you start to reduce your fear!

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