Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Do you have loans or scholarships available to help parents pay for Focus Academy?   

We do receive scholarship money from time to time to support families with substantial financial needs. These scholarships are for partial tuition and require an annual application process. Some banks can assist you with educational loans. Please check with your banker.

1.   What is the accreditation that Focus Academy is seeking and when will it be complete.   

Focus Academy is currently seeking accreditation from TAPPS - Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools.

2.   Will my child receive a typical diploma from Focus Academy?

At Focus we make sure our students are graduating on the recommended program equal to the coursework they would receive in a public school setting with additional coursework in social and independent living skills.

3.   Will my child be able to get into college?

Ninety-five percent of our graduates are currently enrolled in universities or community colleges.  Our students have performed well especially when parents have continued with transitional services for at least the first semester of college.

4.   I understand my child will be able to get into a community college, but what about a Texas University?

The Texas Legislature established new requirements for student eligibility for admission to any Texas public university under the Uniform Admissions Policy (Texas Education Code ยงยง51.803-51.809). House Bill 3826 (80th Legislature) requires that all students complete at least the Recommended High School Program (RHSP) in order to be eligible for consideration for admission to a public university.  A student may be considered for admission to a Texas public university if the student has completed the Recommended High School Program, or its equivalent, the Distinguished Achievement Program (also known as the Advanced High School Program), or its equivalent, or has achieved college readiness scores on the ACT or SAT entrance exams.  Focus Academy students WILL NOT be at a disadvantage compared to students from public or other small private schools.  In fact, our students will be at an advantage because we use the SAT to measure annual progress rather than a different academic test. Focus Academy has the appropriate Certification for Admission to a Texas Public University forms necessary for application.  If your student is interested in a university outside of Texas, please contact Jacquelyn Mulkey for specific individual requirements.

5.   What are the former graduates of Focus Academy doing now?

We have two graduates is enrolled at University of Houston, eleven are enrolled in community college, one is enrolled in a technical program, one is in his dream job full time and one is currently an intern at an insurance agency. All but two graduates are drivers and those two are only because their parents aren't quite ready to let them take that step!

6.   Are there specific accommodations my child can receive in college? 

Focus Academy has contacts at the ADA offices at Rice University, University of Houston, Texas A&M, Texas State University, Houston Community College, Wharton County Junior College, Alvin Community College, Houston Comunity College and Lone Star Community College.  Specific accommodations can be received at each of these schools based on individual needs.