Former Graduates: Where are they now?

Of the 32 former and current year graduates: 
84% are drivers
81% have attended college
63% have been employed at least part time
38% have lived with a roommate or independently


Kyle E

Kyle graduated from Focus Academy with a year's worth of college credits. He completed his Associate's Degree and is scheduled to go to Sam Houston State University in the Fall 2021. He will live in an apartment and major in History in hopes of becoming a teacher. 


JW graduated with one college course complete with a grade of A; therefore it was an easy transition to community college full time. This student has already shown so much maturity and we cannot wait to see what she is capable of doing in the future.


William W

William planned to go welding school but welding is not really something you can learn online. He had to delay a year due to covid, but is back on track and will begin welding school Fall 2021.

2020 Graduate #4

Not all graduates enjoy being recognized for their amazing accomplishments; however, this grad is doing well in community college and we wish them all the best of success. 


Liam S

Liam graduated from Focus Academy with almost one year of community college completed with a 4.0 grade point average! He moved to Los Angeles immediately after graduating to attend community college. He just got accepted to University of Southern California and will begin living on campus and attending in the Fall 2021.

Max C

Max is now working part time at Home Depot while attending community college.


Stephen D

Stephen is currently attending community college in Sugar Land.


Jordon R

Upon graduation, Jordon continued attending community college after high school. He plans to go on to Texas A&M University and declared Engineering as his major.

Colin B

After graduating from Focus Academy, Colin worked for the same small kennel he work with throughout high school. He attended some college but decided full-time employment was a better match for him. He now works full-time at a veterinary clinic.

Grant M

Grant has written and published his first book (along with his amazing mother Julie Coy) called Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe. Information about this cool book (printed in a specialized dyslexia font) and Grant's other products can be found at  Grant took a bit longer to complete high school because he was working on his magnificent art business - Grant's Eco Art but it seems it was totally worth it as he is now driving and presenting at conferences throughout the United States.


Brandon P

Brandon was only at Focus Academy for his final year of high school, but he did an amazing job transitioning! He is currently attending junior college to get his core coursework out of the way. As of May 2019, Brandon is also the proud father of a beautiful baby boy, Luke.

Wyatt B

Wyatt moved away to Waco immediately after graduation. Although he decided the program was not for him after the first year, he gained valuable skills in independent living. He has since moved to Austin and is continuing to workin on independent living skills while attending community college there.

Colleen B

Colleen is currently working at her father's insurance company and helping her mom with her much younger brother. 

Joseph C

Joe is attending community college to get his basic courses completed. He recently drove over to the school to visit and talk to our younger students about the transition to college. 

Ar H

After a much needed gap year for Ar to become comfortable in his own skin, Ar is on his way to complete independence. Ar currently works full time and lives with his roommate in Sugar Land. He has one cool car and knows it - LOL

Michael P

Michael currently attends college as a music major. He is making some amazing dynamic music already and we can't wait to hear his music in future video games!

Blake T

Blake is currently employed part-time at Kroger and attends a local community college. He is considering a career in everything from forest ranger to geologist. No telling where this kiddo will land but with the support system he has, there is no doubt he will land on his feet. 

Julia P

Julia is currently a psychology major attending a local university. She works as a research assistant at the UH anxiety and depression lab.

Alex S

Alex completed Texas State Technical College's program to earn a certificate in diesel mechanics. He is currently completing a second certification as a welder. Alex was also recently on an edition of DIYnetwork's Containables as for his all new tiny home 

Click here to see pictures of the home!

Click here if you have access to DIYnetwork and want to watch the show!


Jared T

Jared attends a local community college. 

Tyler S

Tyler is attending a local community college and getting some very valuable job experience and skills. He has moved out of the family home to live with friends. 


Collier B

Collier is finishing up his associates degree at Junior College.

Kacy P

Kacy recently earned her Commercial Drivers License. She is working, living independently and making her life grand! She is an awesome photographer as well!

Jeremy P

Jeremy is finishing up his degree at the University of Houston and works part time with young children with Autism. 

Alexander R

Alexander drives all over and is currently seeking out the best career path for him. 


Ted A

Ted currently works full time while moving towards a degree in American Sign Language.

Eric B

Eric landed his dream job with the Sugar Land Skeeters Baseball Organization. He has worked at several jobs in their stadium over the years and loves his work!

Trevor B

Trevor attended Lone Star College to major in Entertainment Technology. After completing the program, he is now  loving his job as a lighting crew grip. Sounds a bit dangerous us but glad he found his place!

Marissa H

Marissa attends community college while continuing to work as an assistant manger with a local pizza company. She is married and now has a beautiful baby girl, Ayla.


Our Quiet Year!


John D

John works with his father on the family ranch.

Matthew C

Matt is a recent graduate of the University of Houston with a Bachelor's degree in Media Productions. He moved back in with his parents and is looking for his first "real" job with the assistance of a local think tank called Spectrum Fusion.