Social Programs at Focus Academy

Even after learning basic social skills, many adolescents have difficulty generalizing these skills in order to develop and maintain relationships. Our goal is to work towards true social understanding rather than just teaching basic skills. Groups are held once a week throughout the fall and spring semesters. Camps are held weekly throughout the summer. Students enrolled in summer camp will work to maintain academics in the morning. The afternoons will be filled with social and life preparation activities. This will include everything from cooking, budgeting, visits to places like the Aquarium, Kemah Boardwalk, Main Event, the Movies and many more depending on the specific students enrolled

After School Social Understanding Classes

Through specialized classes, led by trained "social coaches," students are taught specific strategies, problem-solving techniques and social solutions to help them navigate more effectively through a complex social world. Classes focus on social "understanding" and life preparation skills through step-by-step instruction, role-playing, hands-on practice and interactive community outings. Classes are grouped according to age/grade and level of need and are limited to 4-6 students. Students of any age may also be seen individually if they are not yet ready for group classes. Fall semester classes run from late August through early November - excluding Labor Day. Spring semester classes run from late January through April - excluding holidays and spring break.

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