2020  Spring Social Success Groups  delayed until further notice


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Have you ever wanted your kid to have true friendships???

Many students do well in school academically only to struggle when it comes so social understanding and communication. Research shows these skills can be taught in the same way a student struggling with math can learn great math skills. Based on this premise, our founder, Jacquelyn Mulkey, began seeking answers to just how these skills can and should be taught. Since 1999, Focus has worked with hundreds of children, adolescents, and young adults to teach social understanding skills. While there are some basic skills everyone needs to know, much of the skills necessary in life are situational. Our 'social coaches' work to understand the unique needs of the student based on information provided by parents, teacher and the individuals themselves (when appropriate). Our students have a variety of diagnoses (from gifted and talented to anxiety, depression or high functioning autism). Each teacher takes into account the students enrolled in the group and works to meet their individual needs.  

In a typical social understanding group through Focus Academy, parents can expect:

Weekly sessions lasting one hour total.

Direct instruction lasting about 30 minutes, teacher led practice activities for about 15 minutes and group parent feedback time of about 15 minutes.

Weekly reports about what was discussed in the group that week and how your student faired in the subject area.

Homework activities to help the student learn to generalize skills out side of the group.

The option to request a one-on-one conference with the social coach for individual assistance. 

Field trips for added generalization practice.


Summer Enrollment Begins March 1, 2019

As the phoenix rises from the ashes so do we rise from past circumstances.

Morning academics to prevent the typical summer regression while still having the fun students desire and expect in the summer. This will also keep your child from complaining so much about being bored all summer long! 

Weekly field trips - Art - Music - Drama - Social Understanding

Groups will be held weekly June xx, 2019 - August xx, 2019

9:00am - 3:00pm Monday through Friday

Woodlands - Near Grogans Mill and Woodlands Parkway

Sugar Land - About a mile off Hwy 59 and 90

Price includes field trip costs (but not additional spending money -optional)

Ages 5-10 - $525 per week     Ages 11-20 - $500 each week

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